Manager’s Message

“There is always one moment in childhood, When the doors open and lets the future in.”

Holy Trinity School is a humble attempt on the part of the Catholic Diocese of Indore as its contribution, however small it may be, towards human development in Dewas. In the present educational scenario the proper formation of young minds and hearts, to a large extent, remains the responsibility of educational institutions. This school has been trying to instill in the students those intellectual, moral and social qualities which eventually will enable them to be useful members of the society.
How far we shall succeed will depend on the close collaboration we can harness from the environment in which students live and move, such as family, society, religion and culture which are the depositories of values which definitely influence the growth and behaviour of a child. This institution shall consider itself fortunate if it can inspire students from ordinary families to aim high in life and also enable them to put in the required effort to reach that height.
We have a group of dedicated and well-oriented young men and women on our staff who consider formation of the young as their life’s mission. May God almighty bless our efforts and make them fruitful in the service of the Nation.
Fr. Mathai Thadavanal

Principal’s Message

Journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. Every step of a human being is a great discovery. Education is the decisive step we take in our life which leads us from “Darkness to Light”. Our creator has figured us to be a light burning zealously. Education should help the children to move from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.
Indeed on our journey of life we all are given a task to perform. The task is to build and restore the newness of life at every step by removing the darkness and moving in to the future world with open minds and hearts.
So through education children are called up on to be the light not only to themselves but also to others – To better, our best through education. The competence they acquire through education will illumine the young hearts and minds to journey through life in right and true path.
Fr.Carol Antony

“Personality can open doors, but only character keep them open.”