Co-operation of the Parents

⦿ Co-operation of the parents with the school is very essential. The school,therefore,invites the parents/guardians to extend their                whole-hearted co-operation by ways of visiting the school periodically and keeping close touch with the teachers and school                      authorities.

⦿ Parents and guardians are earnestly requested to enforce punctuality and discipline to see that their children prepare their home            lessons regularly and devote at least two or three hours to study at home.

⦿ School fees can be increased from time to time without any prior notice.

⦿ To Simplify things for you and for our office still more, quarterly or half-yearly advance payments will be welcome.

⦿ School fees must be paid by 25th of the month. A late fee of Rs.10 will be charged from the 26th to the end of the month after which       Rs.20 will be charged per installment.

⦿ The late fee will be charged regularly as a matter of course and no exemption will be granted from it unless previously arranged.

⦿ All dues must be fully cleared before 30th Sept. and 31st Dec. else a student can be debarred from attending class further.

⦿ A month’s notice is required before the withdrawal of a student from the school in lieu of which a month’s fee will be charged. No            Transfer Certificate can be issued until all financial obligations to the school have been fully settled.

⦿ The Term fees must be paid before the end of July and the end of January.

⦿ Parents are wholly responsible for the safety of the children on the way to and from the school.

⦿ Children must be taken home within 15 minutes after the class. The school is responsible for children in the school compound only         in their prescribed time and condition.