Office Bearer 2018-2019

Head Boy :  Mohit Pillai. [XII – A]

Head Girl : Samruddhi Baraskar. [XII – A]


Caption : Vishal Nair

Vice Caption : Divyansh Rana

Secretary : Anirudh Pandya


Captain : Abhaydeep Kaithwas

Vice-Captain : Tejpal Singh Pawar

Secretary : Vedant Jumle


Caption : Minakshi Baraskar

Vice Caption : Priyanka Rajput

Secretary : Abhijeet Singh Thakur

Captain : Anish Stephen.

Vice caption : Anushka Savner.

Secretary : Lagan Mahajan.

Various competitions are held in this house. There are Group dance competitions,Group song competitions, Sports are being conducted from time to time to inculcate sportsmanship, discipline and skills in the students. There is a tag board competition which helps the students to display their artistic flair and hidden talents.Competitions like speech competitions, group dance, group song etc. are held from time to time.

Captain : Mriganshi Nath.

Vice caption : Harsh Tiwari.

Secretary : Jerin Jiss George.

Students are loyal and are committed towards their house. Like other houses in the school. Here also various cultural and sports competitions are held like solo singing, group dance, football, Cricket, Skipping, glass balancing etc. The students display their skills in the form of good paintings, artwork, writing essays , News preparation on various national and international affairs.

Captain : Sajal Chaturvedi .

Vice caption : Isha Jain.

Secretary : Karan Seniya.

Division and Competition among the students are the strongest point of our school. There are regular house meetings for planning  organized strategies.  Students are encouraged to maintain discipline in the school.  Tagboards  are provided  to the students to display  their skills. Students give full importance to all the activities in the house. The Boys basketball team stands first among the houses.  There are also in -house  activities like speech competitions, debate,solo dance, singing  etc.

Captain : Ritika Kushlani.

Vice caption : Aayush Choudhary.

Secretary : Masoom Asati.

This  Students of this house are actively involved in  various  sports activities and school welfare program as well. The Sports competitions like football, basketball, handball, junior cricket , girls basketball , throw ball etc. There are also internal house activities. Competitions like speech competitions, group dance, group song  etc. are held time to time.  This house excelled in cultural & sports activity in 2010-2011.