Choosing a career is not a serious matter until class 12th grade. Once student is done with 12th it is necessary to choose a definite career & decide a career goal. In this scenario seeking the help of an experienced & qualified career counselor becomes necessary who can assist the students in discovering their potential & aptitude then accordingly suggest the right course career counseling helps in determine students true potential. Some students have clear vision what they want to become on the other hand there are others who are either confused or have no idea about their career preference. To solve the dilem of the students “Holy Trinity School” timely  conducts career guidance programs to overcome the situation. During & after these programs regular aptitude tests & counseling sessions conducted by career counselors helped the students to find out the right career option & the field that interests them.


Despite having a clear idea of what they want to achieve in life some students do not know the career path they need to follow to have the requisite academic qualification to join a particular course. These career guidance programs conducted in Holy Trinity School has helped the students to clear these doubts by giving them a clear cut instruction of what they can expect from various educational courses.


A career counselor helps the student & provides essential support in boosting the morale of the students by understanding the kind of their requirement.At last the crux of career counseling is to provide the necessary guidance that would help the students in making the right choice regarding their career.