Celebration of  Swatchhata Pakhwada


Trinitians embarked on cleanliness mission as a part of Swatchhata Pakhwada. Several activities were conducted such as speeches on various aspects of cleanliness was given by students and teachers in morning assemblies, Classroom Cleaning Drive was undertaken, articles, drawings were displayed on tag-boards, Swatchhata Awareness Rally was organized.

Pre-Primary and Primary students were specifically given information on proper methods of hand washing before and after eating so as to prevent diseases. For this ‘Hand Wash Day ‘ was observed.

As it’s said ‘Charity begins at home’. Students took initiative to clean their classrooms. Unanimously all agreed to contribute 45 minutes daily for this noble cause. A group of 10 students cleaned the classroom in turns.The school central hall was also cleaned by groups of students after lunch break.

Middle and Higher classes students participated in outdoor Swatchhata Awareness Campaign – A rally was organized in Vijay Nagar Area in association with Nagar Nigam. A few student groups sensitized the local people to collect their household garbage separately according to biodegradable and non biodegradable waste.

At the end, students took oath of keeping the city clean and committed for future contribution. The oath was administered by the Head Boy, Mohit Pillai, to all the students gathered in front of  HTS building. Around 230 students and 10 teachers actively participated in the rally.